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hard-rule Enrique Granados - Love & Death

Using beautifully presented archive and picture material from the 19th Century as well as performances by the likes of Evgeny Kissin, Carlos Alvarez and the Béjart Ballet this biopic tells the tragic life story of one of Spain’s great compo


hard-rule Gary Cooper - The Irresistable

The American hero and sex symbol for three or four decades won two Oscars for best actor in „Sergeant York“ and „High Noon“ and an honorary Oscar at the end of his life, received by his friend James Stewart on behalf of the dying actor. Filmmakers Julia and Clara Kuperberg had the good luck to have Gary Coopers daughter, Maria Cooper Janis , collaborate and talk about her father the actor. We find out that Coope


hard-rule American Tap

Mark Wilkinson's documentary provides a comprehensive history of Tap Dance complete with wonderful clips of many of its foremost practitioners past and present including the Nicholas Brothers, Ginger Rogers, Vera Ellen, Ann Miller and Eleanor Powell. Historical context is provided by a gallery of experts ranging from writers like Brian Siebert and Cornell West to notable dancers and choreographers thus revealing the roots of tap dance


hard-rule Descent into the Maelstrom

Edgar Allan Poe´s 1841 short story tells the adventure of two fishermen caught in torrents raging between the mountainous islands of Lofoten, inside the Arctic Circle of northern Norway. A treacherous whirlpool drags their boat down and only one of them survives. Based on this story Philip Glass composed music for the Australian Dance Theatre in 1986. With the blessings of the composer Beacon Isle Films has produced an arrangemen

hard-rule Iconic Couples: Monica Vitti & Michelangelo Antonioni

A new episode of Iconic Couples available from end 2018: Monica Vitti and Michelangelo Antonioni, the intellectual and the actress are a modern-times reincarnation of Pygmalion and his muse. Both had no success in the film industry before they met. Antonioni because he was neither a representative of post war neorealism nor did he direct comedies Italian style, Vitti didn´t have the looks of fashionable Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida.

hard-rule Gael Faye at the Olympia

The French-Rwandan singer and writer, born in Burundi, is one of the new stars of rap, hip-hop and slam in France. His first solo album “Pili Pili sur un croissant au beurre” was already very successful. Recently he published his first novel “Petit Pays” (Small Country) which is translated into 26 languages and has already sold more than 400 000 copies, winning various prizes on the way. He will be joined by Guillaume P

hard-rule Shell Shock

A Requiem of War to commemorate the 100th Anniversiary of the end of World War I. This suite of 12 cantos depicting the horrors of war was originally commissioned by the Brussels Opera de Monnaie. The libretto was created by the Australian performer and author Nick Cave and set to music by the Belgian Nicholas Lens, best known for his opera 'Slow Man' and the trilogy 'Flamma Flamma', 'Terra terra' and 'Amor Aeternus'. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is s

hard-rule Naomi

Avraham Pesso, a successful Israeli painter and sculptor decides to realise his dream of painting international supermodel Naomi Campbell. It is unlikely that Campbell is aware that Pesso feels he must develop an emotional connection with a subject before painting it. Everyone around him is sceptical the meeting will happen, and the more distant his dream grows, the lonelier he becomes. Then he learns that Campbell is planning a visit to Israe

hard-rule The Tiki Craze of Hollywood

Hawaii joined the United States in 1959 and became its 50th state. Hollywood was quick to discover the fabulous location and the native art of the Pacific which turned into a synthetic exotic world to reflect the optimism of the times. Thor Heyerdahl´s book “Kon-Tiki” became a world best-seller, Tiki bars sprang up everywhere, the Mai Tai was the drink of the moment and interiors were decorated with rattan. The nudity of Hula

hard-rule The Max Factor

The man who created the faces of Hollywood was born in Poland and became the wigmaker and make-up artist to the Court of Tsar Nicolas II. Because of rampant antisemitism in the early 1900s, he and his family fled to America where relatives were living. An immigration officer inadvertently changed his name to Factor with a c instead of a k. Max Factor moved to Hollywood at the right moment. Theatre make-up did not work very well with projectors

hard-rule Hollywood and the Yellow Threat

The attack on Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941 changed the world forever. The United States entered WW2. More than 110,000 citizens of Japanese origin were rounded up and dispatched to camps until the end of the war. Hollywood was quick to react with films from OBJECTIVE BURMA to THE BRIDGE ON RIVER KWAI and THE STORY OF GI JOE to KNOW YOUR ENEMY: JAPAN. Already in 1941 Warner, who were manipulating the public opinion in favour of ente

hard-rule The Man Who Knew 75 Languages

Based on a true story from the 1800s, the film starts at the outbreak of the first Crimean war. The young genius Georg Sauerwein (born 1831 in Hanover, Germany, died in 1904 in Oslo, Norway) has just created the first English-Turkish dictionary. The reputation of his linguistic skills results in an invitation to a small German court, to be the tutor of the young Princess Elisabeth of Wied. Through his lessons he introduces her to the value of

hard-rule Leaving Home, Coming Home - Portrait of Robert Frank

The first ever feature-length documentary about the legendary photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, whose work reflects his life in an unflinchingly honest way.

This film, shot in New York and Nova Scotia where he now lives, seamlessly interweaves between Frank, aged 80, reflecting on a lifetime of image making and the richly textu

hard-rule Carmina Burana

These medieval songs around the wheel of fortune have been staged and danced many a time to Carl Orff´s gripping music. The latest attempt is by Claude Brumachon for the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève and was filmed in December at the Festival de Danse in Cannes. In this version men who seem to have escaped Dante´s “Inferno” are submitted to the fickleness of fate as the wheel of fortune turns joy

hard-rule Franco Zeffirelli - Directing from Life

Chris Hunt´s biography will explore how Zeffirelli´s sense of drama was born out of his own experience and how his life inspired his productions. His mother was rejected by his father and young Zeffirelli witnessed huge and violent rows between them including her stabbing him. This is reflected in his legendary stagings of “La Traviata”, “La Bohème” or “Carmen” and “Pagliacci”.

hard-rule Lessons from Joan

Joan Littlewood gained world fame with her musical „Oh, What a Lovely War!“ which played Broadway an amazing eight months. Walter Macintosh uses a Melbourne revival of the musical in order to revisit Joan Littlewood´s life and career assembling an astonishing number of survivors from those days in the 1960s. Her great causes were community and political theatre, improvisation and working class language, all of which have pass

hard-rule Through Lotte's Lens

Tony Britten has for some years been fascinated by the profound influence that the immigrants fleeing from Nazi Germany and latterly Austria in the thirties had on the arts, sciences and business in the United Kingdom. Daniel Snowman´s book “The Hitler Emigrés”, which has had a significant influence on the genesis of “Lotte´s Lens” explains in detail how a generation of disenfranchised and frightened

hard-rule Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King combines figurative sculpture with stop-frame animation in works that blur the boundary between actual and virtual object. Intimate in scale and made to solicit close looking her work reflects her interest in the history of the puppet, the automation, the medical model and literature´s host of legends in which the artificial figure comes to life. She asks: “What is the figure in sculpture now? The representation of t

hard-rule I, Douglas Fairbanks

With unlimited access to his legacy on film Clara and Julia Kuperberg will tell the life story of Douglas Fairbanks in a first person narration, drawing on film clips and newsreel footage to show that he invented a style that would be emulated for decades. No “Superman” without a Fairbanks signature pose, no “Batman” without the mark of Zorro, no “Mickey Mouse” without Fairbanks and Chaplin as Walt Disney on

hard-rule Fire and Ashes - Making the Ballet RAkU

Raku pottery prizes spontaneity in the interaction of fire and falling ashes. Raku is the title Yuri Possokhov has given his new ballet to music by Shinji Eshima. Choreographed on Yuan Yuan Tan, Damian Smith and Pascal Molat, principal dancers of the San Francisco ballet, it tells the story of a mad monk´s burning the Golden Temple in Kyoto due to Jealousy. The program contains about 30 minutes of rehearsals and intelligent explanations

hard-rule 1984

Jonathan Watkins based his new full length choreography for Northern Ballet on George Orwell´s world famous novel “1984”, which is even more relevant today when Big Brothers watches you, whether you like it or not. 1984 brilliantly combines all the elements of music by Alex Baranowski, design, technology and dance to create an exciting new work. We invite you to on this journey with Winston Smith, Orwell´s main characte

hard-rule Who has stolen the Bolero by Maurice Ravel

One of the world´s most popular classical pieces of music, Ravel´s Boléro, finally came out of copyright on May 1st, 2016. Having been played somewhere in the world every 15 minutes, Ravel´s music meant big business. But where did all the money go? Filmmaker Fabien Caux-Lahalle pieces together evidence from the creation of the piece, through the Vichy Régime, the post-war lobbying to obtain extensions of the cop

hard-rule Bill Viola - The Road to St Paul's

Bill Viola is most likely the best known and most popular video artist of our time. Indeed, as Nicholas Serota reminds us, his work is equal or replaces the paintings of an earlier age. Filmmaker Gerald Fox is delivering here the most intimate look at an artist and his way of creating. Viola was commissioned in 2004 by St. Paul´s Cathedral in London two permanent installations: “Mary” and “Martyrs”. John Moses, th

hard-rule Hearing is Believing

When Lorenzo DeStefano saw Rachel Flowers perform at a local jazz club, he knew he had found another interesting subject for a documentary. She is a multi-talented instrumentalist and composer born in 1993, fifteen weeks prematurely, losing her eyesight as an infant due to Retinopathy of Prematurity. Rachel has perfect pitch, plays piano, organ, flute, sings and has mastered the Braille Music Code. She is best known for her YouTube videos feat

hard-rule Iconic Couples
A mini-series of six of Hollywood's most attractive & Iconic Couples: with lots of never before seen footage and plenty of film clips featuring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow and William Powell, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. This series should be attractive for any scheduler. It was commissioned over the last few years b
hard-rule Harry Seidler - Modernist

Harry Seidler was born to Jewish parents in Austria. As a child he was sent to Canada where he studied architecture. Later he followed his parents to Australia where he made a career shaping Sydney's skyline. He was considered one of the leading Modernists and the first architect to fully follow the Bauhaus rules. 

hard-rule Glenn Murcutt - Spirit of Place

This is not only a beautiful film about an inspiring architect who has won many prizes including the most prestigious one, the Pritzker, but also a topical film, as it accompanies Murcutt's first big public commission, a Mosque for the Moslem community of Newport, Melbourne. Despite  initial reservations against a modern building Murcutt establishes a very close personal relationship with the community and the project is entirely financed

hard-rule Escaping the Temple (Tea, Zen, Dance)

This documentary will take the audience on a search for meaning in modern China, guided by our joyful and charismatic main character Zhao Liang, one of the foremost choreographers of modern dance in China today. We follow the evolution of his new work “Escape from the Temple” with which he hopes for a break through on the international scene. But amidst public ambivalence, artistic feuds, greedy investors and international financia

hard-rule Art:21 Season 8

For the first time in the show´s history, the episodes are not organized around an artistic theme. Instead the 16 featured artists are grouped by their unique and revealing relationship with the places they live in: Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Vancouver. The artists share universal experiences through their life stories and creative work: resistance, pleasure, mortality, and the hope for a better tomorrow. Each episode highligh


Poorhouse International: Highlight Programmes

In the Tracks of...Alexandre Desplat

Alexandre Desplat won his second Oscar in 2018 for the film score of The Shape of Water (the first one being in 2015 for Grand Budapest Hotel). In this documentary we see him at work in recording sessions with George Clooney, Jacques Audiard, Roman Polanski, Peter Webber; conducting; at home with his wife and collaborator Dominique Lemonnier... Interviews with many well known directors and clips from all his big films such as Harry Potter 1 &a

hard-rule Hollywood, No Sex Please!

Deep rooted religious beliefs seemingly going back to the Pilgrim Fathers’ Puritanism dominate a society which is entertained by violence no end on a daily basis. If it is true that American movies reflect American society the United States have yet another severe problem: a lack of open sexuality and eroticism. After the Hayes Code had faded away Hollywood exploited the newly found freedom in films like “Basic Instinct” and

hard-rule Leaving Home, Coming Home - Portrait of Robert Frank

The first ever feature-length documentary about the legendary photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, whose work reflects his life in an unflinchingly honest way.

This film, shot in New York and Nova Scotia where he now lives, seamlessly interweaves between Frank, aged 80, reflecting on a lifetime of image making and the richly textu


Poorhouse International: New Releases

Pierre Boulez - now out on DVD

Arthaus Musik has released Reiner Moritz' portrait of Pierre Boulez together with a concert from Alte Oper Frankfurt with Boulez conducting the London Symphony Orchestra with Strainsky's Sacre du Printemps and Symphonies of Wind Instruments.


'A fitting tribute. A new DVD provides an in-depth look at the life of Pierre Boulez.' Classical Music Magazine, March 2018

'Tout contribue, dans ce film dense et bien

hard-rule Through Lotte's Lens - Out on DVD now

Tony Britten´s latest film “Through Lotte´s Lens” is out on DVD, a timely contribution to the migration discussion. Told through the portal of Austrian émigré, portrait photographer Lotte Meitner-Graf, the story unfolds through interviews with eminent commentators, dramatic reconstruction and musical performances. “A super film”, says Daniel Snowman, “which (as they say at the BBC) manage