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TITLE: Land of Gold
Director: John Else

Genre: Music documentary

Format: HD

Composer: John Adams

Contributors: John Adams, Peter Sellars

Company: After Image Public Media, Bread and Butter Films

Runtime: 73' minutes.

ID: 469.




Land of Gold explores the making of John Adams and Peter Sellars’s outlandish new opera about the California Gold Rush. The film transports us into very funny and very dark worlds, as two versions of the same story march forward 170 years apart: men and women on a collision course in California on the 4 th of July 1851, and behind the scenes with quick-witted young opera singers excavating that same history in the age of Trump. Amid the backstage hubbub, composer John Adams, singers Julia Bullock, Paul Appleby, J’Nai Bridges and director Peter Sellars wrestle their bittersweet show onto the stage. Jon Else’s third documentary with Adams lays bare the flamboyant and brutal roots of modern American excess.