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TITLE: The Last Faust
Director: Philipp Humm

Genre: Drama

Format: HD


Contributors: Steven Berkhoff, Martin Hancock

Company: Philipp Humm Collection

Runtime: 108' minutes.

ID: 466.




The fictional adaptation of Goethe´s Faust in both parts is set in 2059 at Silicon Valley. Dr. Goodfellow has succeeded Dr. Faust at the helm of Winstone Inc., abiding by the pact Dr. Faust had made with Mephisto. He realizes too late that uncontrolled progress will ultimately destroy mankind.

Director and author Philipp Humm has this to say about the human condition: “I believe it will be hard to mitigate the downsides with progressions of technology; we are adding complexities that are backfiring on us”.

The Cast: Steven Berkhoff as Dr. Goodfellow, Martin Hancock as Faust, Gly Dilly as Mephisto.