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TITLE: Hans van Manen - Moving to Music
Director: Reiner E. Moritz

Genre: Dance documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: hans van Dijk, Martin Schl├Ąpfer, Rachel Beaujean, Ted Brandsen

Company: RM Creative

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 461.




A portrait of one of the world’s great choreographers with 150 ballets to his credit and at 90 still going strong. The filmmaker successfully made the choreographer talk about his inspiration, his muses, the way he conceives dance and how he transmits his ideas. Carefully selected clips demonstrate the filmmakers’ findings and contributions such as of his partner for fifty years, Henk van Dijk, dance historian Sjeng Schejen, choreographer Martin Schläpfer, director of the Dutch National Ballet Ted Brandsen and his deputy Rachel Beaujean add to his image of a “Creative Volcano” with his very unique signature.