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TITLE: Neeme Järvi - A True Kapellmeister
Director: Erik Norkroos

Genre: Music documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: The Järvi Family, Joshua Bell, Thomas Hampson, Nicola Benedetti

Company: Umberto & Co, Estonian TV

Runtime: 58' minutes.

ID: 459.




Estonian conductor Neeme Järvi is the head of a musical dynasty revolutionizing the musical life of Estonia and beyond. His sons Paavo and Kristjan Järvi are very successful conductors in their own right while daughter Maarika is an acclaimed flautist. Neeme Järvi has nearly 500 recordings to his credit, and his last permanent position was with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Director Erik Norkroos visited the conductor at his US home, followed him on tour and filmed him at the Pärnu Music Festival, founded by his son Paavo, where he regularly appears and the entire Järvi family makes music and gives masterclasses. Contributors include his children, Joshua Bell, Thomas Hampson and Nicola Benedetti.