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TITLE: In Search for the Lost Words
Director: Hannah Papacek Harper

Genre: Documentary

Format: 4K


Contributors: Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris, The Spell Song Ensemble, Karine Polwart, Julie Fowlis and others

Company: Retroviseur Productions

Runtime: ca. 90' minutes.

ID: 455.




Described by the Guardian as a “cultural phenomenon”, illustrator Jackie Morris´ and writer Robert Macfarlanes´s book THE LOST WORDS has become a huge bestseller, won many awards, has been published in the UK, North America, Germany, France and the Netherlands among others and taken roots in thousands of schools across Britain. The book began as a response to the removal of 50 everyday nature words, such as “kingfisher” and “bluebell”, from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, because those words were allegedly not been used enough by children. Each lost word is conjured back to importance through Macfarlane´s powerful spells or poems.

Filmmaker Hannah Papacek Harper uses interviews with the authors and conservationists as well as Spell Song music to conjure up a world and emotions we are about to lose.

Completion is scheduled for autumn 2023.