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TITLE: John Craxton - A Life of Gifts
Director: Tony Britten

Genre: Arts documentary

Format: 4K



Company: Capriol Films

Runtime: 58' / 79' minutes.

ID: 449.




John Craxton (1922 – 2009) was one of the leading British NeoRomantic artists, preferring to be known as a “kind of Arcadian”. His paintings mirror his personal journey – essentially a sepia hue until he left London for Greece where his life, loves and art became suffused in glorious, animated and sun-drenched colour. Tony Britten´s film follows Craxton´s journey, where the artist spent most of his life and will figuratively and literally reflect this unique character and creator, who for too long has been rather side-lined. The arts world is celebrating Craxton´s 100th anniversary in 2022.