Poorhouse International: Catalogue results

Director: Chao Tang Chang

Genre: Dance

Format: HD

Composer: Bellini, Strauss, Maki Ishii etc.

Contributors: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, choreographer: Lin Hwai Min

Company: Cloud Gate Caulture and Arts Foundation

Runtime: 72' minutes.

ID: 445.




To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan in 2013 its founder and choreographer Lin Hwai-min created this new ballet on a fusion of Asian and western classical music. The ballet reflects in sections titled Soil, Pollen, Sunlight, Grain, Fire and Water the life cycle of Rice, staple food in Asia. Pollen has the most sublime form of love making in which the bodies of the two dancers keep in touch all the way through. As it has taken a lot of time to clear the tracks ranging from Wind Music to Bellini´s CASTA DIVA and Maki Ishii´s ONDEKOZA to Richard Strauss´ VIER LETZTE LIEDER, we are only now able to offer this masterpiece of modern dance.