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TITLE: Hollywood, So French
Director: Perez Pezzani

Genre: Film related documentary

Format: HD



Company: Wichita Films

Runtime: 55' minutes.

ID: 444.




Paris, sexy women, the French Lover, seduction and joie de vivre are a few of the clichés Hollywood perpetuates for a public somewhat jealous of the French way of life. Maurice Chevalier, one of the favourite actors of director Ernst Lubitsch, Charles Boyer, Jean Gabin and Louis Jourdan are imported to fulfil the role of French Lover. After WWII Hollywood also discovers Leslie Caron who makes Hollywood history with AN AMERICAN IN PARIS and GIGI. All of them are emblematic of the clichés that have been established by these legendary actors since the advent of talking pictures. Clichés that exist for one reason only: to satisfy an international public. Whether transgressive, fiery, sensual, joyful or sinful, the world only wants to see one thing from France: Love!