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TITLE: Ill-fated Masterpieces of European Cinema
Director: Claudia Collao

Genre: Film related documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Fritz Lang, Sergei Eisenstein, Luchino Visconti, Marcel CarnĂ©

Company: Lucien Productions

Runtime: 4 x 52' minutes.

ID: 441.




This new four-part series by Claudia Collao is her follow-up on the successful four-parter THE DARK SIDE OF HOLLYWOOD. Who would have thought that Fritz Lang´s world famous METROPOLIS was a flop at its première, that Eisenstein´s QUE VIVA MEXICO! was never seen finished by its director, that Visconti´s OSSESSIONE only survived because the director hid a dupe negative, and that Carné´s LA FLEUR DE L’AGE never saw the light of day? Four projects which have become film history, but which also reflect the eternal struggle between creativity and profitability, the particular spirit of an era, political power shifts and changing aesthetics.