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TITLE: Les Nuits R√©volutionnaires
Director: Charles Brabant

Genre: Drama series

Format: 16mm remastered in HD



Company: la sept / Arthaus Musik

Runtime: 70 x 60' minutes.

ID: 433.




This drama series is based on the life and works of the French writer Nicolas Restif de la Bretonne, nicknamed The Owl because of his costume and his custom to walk the streets of Paris at night during the Revolution. He recorded events but so embroidered with his imagination that they form only a background to his fantastic stories. His best known works are the sixteen volumes of Les Nuits de Paris or The Nocturnal Spectator,a picturesque and moralistic description of life among the Parisian lower classes coveringthe years 1789 to 1793. Charles Brabant's dramatization of Les Nuits de Paris brings to life the characters Restif encountered and the turbulent arena of the city's shadowy backwaters. To this is added the drama of The Owl's own nocturnal life. Michel Aumont as Restif heads a fine cast of French actors and magnificent sets reconstruct in faithful detail quarters of 18th century Paris. Originally produced for the bicentenary of the French Revolution in 1989 and shot in super 16mm this prestigious seven part series has now been remastered in HD and is available again with English subtitles.