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TITLE: Janine Jansen - Falling for Stradivari
Director: Gerald Fox

Genre: Music Documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Janine Jansen, Sir Antonio Pappano,

Company: Asterisk Film

Runtime: 52' and 84' minutes.

ID: 427.




An unmissable, riveting documentary that follows superstar violinist Janine Jansen as she embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play twelve of the greatest ever “Strads”. Directed by documentary maker Gerald Fox and accompanied in her quest by Sir Antonio Pappano, the documentary begins in Janine´s home town of Stockholm, where she is rehearsing Mendelssohn´s Violin Concerto, before moving for a hectic ten- day period to London. Here, she becomes acquainted with each of the violins, selects works that match them best, learns about their histories and particular foibles and rehearses with Pappano before being forced into quarantine with Covid. Nevertheless, in an impressive feat of determination, Janine succeeds in recording her astonishing album, before the violins need to be returned to their owners. In a series of interviews both with Janine and Pappano, and leading luthiers, violin experts, owners and dealers, Gerald Fox captures the difficulties and joys of playing these phenomenally capricious and rewarding instruments.

A 60' performance film will also be available.