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TITLE: Danser Casa (Dancing Casablanca)
Director: Vincent Massip

Genre: Dance

Format: HD


Contributors: Choreographers: Kader Attou & Mourad Merzouki

Company: La Belle Télé

Runtime: 70' minutes.

ID: 420.




This piece for eight dancers created in Casablanca in 2018 is the latest collaboration between Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki, both coming from the circus school at Saint-Priest, a suburb of Lyon. The desire to take hip-hop beyond its street origins has been a driving force in their careers. In DANSER CASA they rose to the challenge of a joint creation together designed to showcase the talent of Moroccan dancers. DANSER CASA conveys the burning desire of its young dancers. Featuring captivating music and breathtaking choreographies, it depicts the tension of Casablanca, wavering between latent violence always on the verge of exploding, and a fierce love that is never spoken. Sometimes the dancers size each other up, confronting one another in spirited duels, sometimes their intertwining bodies exude the energy of atomic fusion...