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TITLE: The Dark Side of Hollywood
Director: Claudia Collao

Genre: Film Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Lucien Television

Runtime: 4 x 52' minutes.

ID: 419.




There are movies that make it to cult status. There are other movies that become famous box office flops and later also make it to cult status. There are movies that are never finished or mutilated and considered great by hindsight. Claudia Collao's four part series entitled "The Dark Side of Hollywood" looks at some films famous today but box office disasters at their first release or released in a form not at all corresponding to their creators' vision.The first part of this mini-series deals with Erich von Stroheim's Greed, a movie that heralded the birth of Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer and above all the beginning of the studio system. It went way over budget and Stroheim ended up with a nine and a half hours film which was drastically cut down by the producer - one of the first examples of a studio reducing the creative talent to mere employees. Today Greed is considered a masterwork of the Silent Cinema.The following episodes cover "The Conqueror" by Dick Powell, "Cleopatra" by L. Mankiewicz and "Heaven's Gate" by  Michael Cimino.