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TITLE: Jack Lemmon, A True Trouper
Director: Clara & Jula Kuperberg

Genre: Film Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Wichita Films

Runtime: 53' minutes.

ID: 418.




Clara and Julia Kuperberg have access to little known Jack Lemmon footage from the 80s talking about his life, one of the last interviews of Tony Curtis and footage with Billy Wilder to chart the progress of Jack Lemmon's career. Other interviewees include Marc Wanamaker, Tony Maietta and Joe McBride. The following film clips round off the portrait of an actor not like any other: The Apartment, Some Like it Hot, Avanti, Cowboy, Days of Wine and Roses, Irma La Douce, It should happen to you, Maccheroni, The April Fools, Missing, Pfffft, Save the Tiger, The Odd Couple, The China Syndrome, The Front Page, The Fortune Cookie, The Big Race, The Notorious Lady and Grumpy Old Men.