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TITLE: Shut up and Look - Richard Artschwager
Director: Maryte Kavaliaskas

Genre: Arts Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Long Tail Films

Runtime: 57' minutes.

ID: 413.




Painter, illustrator and sculptor Richard Artschwager (1923- 2013) can be associated with Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Minimalism. Born from German and Russian parents he early on showed a talent for drawing. Fluent in many languages and a good pianist he made his breakthrough relatively late after having built and sold furniture for some time. Director, Maryte Kavaliauskas' film takes us to Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Los Angeles and Vienna. While the painter explains some of his work and is seen drawing we get the impression, that he is also making fun of himself and art lovers. A rich selection of his work and contributions from friends, gallerists, curators and collectors round off the picture.