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TITLE: Miguelito
Director: Sam Zubrycki

Genre: Music Documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Harvey Averne, La Sonora Poncena, Nelson Feliciano

Company: Jotz Productions

Runtime: 93' minutes.

ID: 410.




Miguel Ángel Gonzáles Sánchez, “Miguelito”, was an eleven year old boy from Puerto Rico who helped to sustain his poor family by singing in the streets. There he was spotted by legendary American record producer Harvey Averne who took the boy under contract, produced an album entitled „Canto a Borinquen“ and arranged for a salsa concert at Madison Square Garden. Even though his songs eventually became cult hits throughout Latin America, the record had no financial success and Miguelito disappeared. Featuring performances by Papo Lucca’s La Sonora Ponceña, Nelson Feliciano, Maximo Torres and others, the film unravels Miguelito’s life story.