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TITLE: Claudia Cardinale, La Misteriosa
Director: Christopher Jones, Marie-Dominique Montel

Genre: History Documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Jean Sorel, Jacques Perrin etc.

Company: Zoulou Compagnie

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 401.




Claudia Cardinale velebrates her 85th birthday in April 2023. In the world of movie stars, she is an exception. Not only did she last longer than most of her peers with nearly 150 films to her credit but she also appeared in iconic movies such as “The Leopard”, “8 ½” and “Once upon a time in the West”. In life however, the actress was restrained by an event that took years to overcome. Her biographer, Anna Maria Mori, actors and friends talk about her life while Claudia Cardinale remembers highlights of her professional career. Contributors include Jean Sorel, Jacques Perrin, star photographer Gianni Bozzacchi, and Massimo Cristaldi. Filmmakers Marie-Dominique Montel and Christopher Jones chose clips from the following films to round of their story: “The Leopard”, “8 ½”, “Rocco and his Brothers”, “Once upon a time in the West”, “The Pink Panther”, “Claretta” and many more.