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TITLE: Enrique Granados - Love & Death
Director: Arantxa Aguirre

Genre: Music Documentary

Format: HD

Composer: Enrique Granados

Contributors: Evgeny Kissin, Carlos Alvarez, BĂ©jart Ballet etc.

Company: Lopez-Li Films

Runtime: 80' or 59' minutes.

ID: 398.




Using beautifully presented archive and picture material from the 19th Century as well as performances by the likes of Evgeny Kissin, Carlos Alvarez and the Béjart Ballet this biopic tells the tragic life story of one of Spain’s great composers. 

His most lasting success was the piano suite “Goyescas” which he subsequently turned into an opera. Unfortunately the outbreak of WW1 thwarted the Paris première. The Met stepped in and staged the opera with great success on January 26th, 1916. Because of an invitation to perform at the White House, Granados and his wife cancelled their boat trip directly to Spain and went home via England instead. They died while crossing the Channel when German U-Boot 29 torpedoed the ferry.