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TITLE: Descent into the Maelstrom
Director: Jan Vard√łen

Genre: Music Performance & Documentary

Format: 4K

Composer: Philip Glass

Contributors: Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Tim Weiss. Soloists: Berit Norbakken Solset

Company: Beacon Isle Films

Runtime: 68 & 50 minutes.

ID: 395.




Edgar Allan Poe´s 1841 short story tells the adventure of two fishermen caught in torrents raging between the mountainous islands of Lofoten, inside the Arctic Circle of northern Norway. A treacherous whirlpool drags their boat down and only one of them survives. Based on this story Philip Glass composed music for the Australian Dance Theatre in 1986. With the blessings of the composer Beacon Isle Films has produced an arrangement for the Arctic Symphony Orchestra which was recorded in the surroundings that inspired Poe´s story. Filmmaker Jan Vardoen uses the soundtrack for a documentary (without dialogue) depicting the daily life in a spectacular landscape which transcends the eternal struggle between mankind and nature.

A documentary about the trials and tribulations of the production and  just the concert recording are also available.