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TITLE: Through Lotte's Lens - Out on DVD now
Director: Tony Britten

Genre: Documentary

Format: 4K



Company: Capriol Films

Runtime: 90' minutes.

ID: 394.




Tony Britten´s latest film “Through Lotte´s Lens” is out on DVD, a timely contribution to the migration discussion. Told through the portal of Austrian émigré, portrait photographer Lotte Meitner-Graf, the story unfolds through interviews with eminent commentators, dramatic reconstruction and musical performances. “A super film”, says Daniel Snowman, “which (as they say at the BBC) manages to inform, educate and entertain.” An atmospheric, thoughtful and celebratory film from Tony Britten. Daily Telegraph, June 2018 The photographer Lotte Meitner-Graf fled Austria before the Second World War and set up a studio in London. This interesting film recreates life in (Lotte Meitner-Graf’s) studio from 1953 as a way of probing the lives of the Jewish Immigrants Lotte photographed. *** Daily Mail, June 2018