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TITLE: Iconic Couples: Monica Vitti & Michelangelo Antonioni
Director: Sandra Rude

Genre: Film Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Adamis Production

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 392.




A new episode of Iconic Couples available from end 2018: Monica Vitti and Michelangelo Antonioni, the intellectual and the actress are a modern-times reincarnation of Pygmalion and his muse. Both had no success in the film industry before they met. Antonioni because he was neither a representative of post war neorealism nor did he direct comedies Italian style, Vitti didn´t have the looks of fashionable Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida. She had a strange, smoky voice, and when Antonioni looked for just such a voice to dub Dorian Gray in his film THE CRY he met Monica Vitti and they fell in love. She starred in Antonioni’s THE ADVENTURE which won him the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, THE NIGHT and ECLIPSE followed – three successful films and three declarations of love. And lovers they remained, never wanting to marry or have children. After Monica Vitti fell in love with Antonioni’s director of photography, Carlo di Palma, during the filming of RED DESERT, she no longer was Antonioni´s muse and therefore had no part in BLOW UP. They separated without turmoil as it also happens in Antonioni’s films. Filmmaker Sandra Rude has the right sensitivity to bring out what makes Antonioni, the master of the unspeakable, the archaeologist of the female soul, such a great film director. Contributors include Enrica Fico, widow of Antonioni, Francesco Maselli, film director, Dante Bini, architect of Antonioni´s Copula, Dominique Paini, Curator of the Antonioni Exhibition at the Cinémathèque, Laura Delli Colli, author of “Monica Vitti”.