Poorhouse International: Catalogue results

TITLE: Gael Faye at the Olympia
Director: Antoine Goetghebeur

Genre: Hip Hop Concert / Pop Music

Format: HD



Company: LGM

Runtime: 90' minutes.

ID: 391.




The French-Rwandan singer and writer, born in Burundi, is one of the new stars of rap, hip-hop and slam in France. His first solo album “Pili Pili sur un croissant au beurre” was already very successful. Recently he published his first novel “Petit Pays” (Small Country) which is translated into 26 languages and has already sold more than 400 000 copies, winning various prizes on the way. He will be joined by Guillaume Poncelet, piano and trumpet, Blanka, scratch and other machines as well as surprise guests. Appearing at the Olympia which is already sold out for his December 5th 2018 concert is considered a sort of consecration for performers of all genres. Gaël Faye is one of the new voices of France.