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TITLE: The Man Who Knew 75 Languages
Director: Anne Magnussen

Genre: Animation, Documentary

Format: 4K



Company: Empla Film

Runtime: 66' or 56' minutes.

ID: 383.




Based on a true story from the 1800s, the film starts at the outbreak of the first Crimean war. The young genius Georg Sauerwein (born 1831 in Hanover, Germany, died in 1904 in Oslo, Norway) has just created the first English-Turkish dictionary. The reputation of his linguistic skills results in an invitation to a small German court, to be the tutor of the young Princess Elisabeth of Wied. Through his lessons he introduces her to the value of learning languages and how they carry an imprint of the cultures that created them. Their friendship, along with his increased affection for her, could not be tolerated, and he was banished from the Royal Court. Georg travels the world and learns many “minor” languages by speaking directly with people. He becomes a fighter for the right to speak and write in one’s mother tongue. This animated film uses real backgrounds from the places Georg lived and travelled, blended with animated characters that recreate the story. It was made as a co-production between Embla Film of Norway, Fralita Films of Lithuania and FUMI Studio of Poland. English and German versions and subtitles in English, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Romanian available.