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TITLE: Leaving Home, Coming Home - Portrait of Robert Frank
Director: Gerald Fox

Genre: Photography Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Foxy Films

Runtime: 86' minutes.

ID: 382.




The first ever feature-length documentary about the legendary photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, whose work reflects his life in an unflinchingly honest way.

This film, shot in New York and Nova Scotia where he now lives, seamlessly interweaves between Frank, aged 80, reflecting on a lifetime of image making and the richly textured photographs and personal films themselves.

He takes us on a journey from his childhood as a Jew in Switzerland during the Second World War, to his life in America and his photographic travels through Paris, London and Wales.

He shows us photographs spanning his long and diverse career, including those made during his seminal voyage across America in a car, producing the now legendary series, The Americans, probably the single most influential photographic book of the last fifty years.


Originally filmed for the South Bank Show in 2005 on 16mm film, but never released, the documentary has been re-edited and re-mastered in HD.