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TITLE: Franco Zeffirelli - Directing from Life
Director: Chris Hunt

Genre: Documentary

Format: 4K


Contributors: Robert Powell, Peter Sellars, Placido Domingo, Joan Plowright, Joan Sutherland

Company: Stanza Media

Runtime: 58' minutes.

ID: 380.




In February 2023 Franco Zeffirelli would have been 100 years old. 

Chris Hunt´s biography explores how Zeffirelli´s sense of drama was born out of his own experience and how his life inspired his productions. His mother was rejected by his father and young Zeffirelli witnessed huge and violent rows between them including her stabbing him. This is reflected in his legendary stagings of “La Traviata”, “La Bohème” or “Carmen” and “Pagliacci”. During the war Zeffirelli fought as a partisan and twice escaped death by firing squads. He himself identifies a clear link between his work and the “theatre of war” in scenes like the Jesus of Nazareth crucifixion. Robert Powell, his Jesus, remembers very funny incidents during the shoot. Chris Hunt interviewed him and other famous actors, friends and associates, had a camera at his 94th birthday and the opening of his foundation in Florence. His documentary, including clips from operas, films and plays is the definitive portrait of a Renaissance man larger than life.