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TITLE: Through Lotte's Lens
Director: Tony Britten

Genre: Documentary

Format: 4K


Contributors: Daniel Snowman, Lord Alfred Dubs, Joseph Horovitz

Company: Capriol Films

Runtime: 90' minutes.

ID: 378.




Tony Britten has for some years been fascinated by the profound influence that the immigrants fleeing from Nazi Germany and latterly Austria in the thirties had on the arts, sciences and business in the United Kingdom. Daniel Snowman´s book “The Hitler Emigrés”, which has had a significant influence on the genesis of “Lotte´s Lens” explains in detail how a generation of disenfranchised and frightened people re-energized serious thinking and creativity in Britain to the extent that their legacy exists to this day. Names like Walter Gropius, Max Perutz, Karl Popper and Hans Keller come to mind, to name but a few. They all called at Lotte Meitner-Graf´s famous photo studio which Tony Britten uses as a base to tell their extraordinary stories.