Poorhouse International: Catalogue results

TITLE: 1984
Director: Ross MacGibbon

Genre: Dance

Format: HD

Composer: Alex Baranowsky

Contributors: Choreographer: Jonathan Watkins, Northern Ballet

Company: Riverside Studios

Runtime: 90' minutes.

ID: 374.




Jonathan Watkins based his new full length choreography for Northern Ballet on George Orwell´s world famous novel “1984”, which is even more relevant today when Big Brothers watches you, whether you like it or not. 1984 brilliantly combines all the elements of music by Alex Baranowski, design, technology and dance to create an exciting new work. We invite you to on this journey with Winston Smith, Orwell´s main character, and experience the author´s unforgettable modern classic – a tale of control and freedom – through the medium of dance.