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TITLE: Preljocaj in New York
Director: Denis Caiozzi

Genre: Dance

Format: HD

Composer: John Cage & Vivaldi

Contributors: Choreographer: Angelin Preljocaj, Ballet Preljocaj

Company: La Belle Tele

Runtime: 70 minutes.

ID: 373.




Angelin Preljocaj´s favourite subjects are love, war and labour, perennial human themes, enriched by his careful observed details from everyday life, with a dance vocabulary strongly oriented towards physicality and sensuality. For the New York City Ballet he created “Spectral Evidence” and “La Stravaganza”, revived in 2016 for his own company and brilliantly performed at the Montpellier Dance Festival last year. While “Spectral Evidence” is based on the Salem Witch Trials “La Stravaganza” is a merger of fantasy and reality to music from Vivaldi to electronics.