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TITLE: Three Generations of Kurtag
Director: Maryline Charrier

Genre: Documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Gyorgy, Marta, Gyorgy Jr. & Judit Kurtag

Company: Senso Films

Runtime: 56' minutes.

ID: 371.




Past ninety Hungarian composer György Kurtág  is struggling to finish his first opera based on Beckett's End Game. Filmmaker Maryline Charrier's intimate knowledge of the Kurtágs and long standing relationship with them makes this documentary a piece for times to come. She succeeded with the help of Kurtág's granddaughter Judit, a well known video artist, to follow the creative process breathtakingly closely. Judit even fastened a GoPro camera to her grandfather's forehead and installed sound equipment close to his piano when he was composing. Judit's father György Jr. is also a composer, improviser, creator of multi-media instruments providing Judit with music for her videos of which we see a representative selection. Three generations of Kurtág at work. We follow a genius during the process of composing and experience the surroundings in which the composer creates and exchanges ideas with his family. Poorhouse also distributes an evening of Játékok recorded at Cité de la musique in Paris and released for Home Video by ECM.