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TITLE: Pierre Boulez - A Life for Music
Director: Reiner E. Moritz

Genre: Documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Daniel Barenboim, Roger Boulez, Peter Eotvos,

Company: RM Creative

Runtime: 58' minutes.

ID: 370.




The suggestion of “blowing up the opera houses” in order to do away with terrible routine brought Pierre Boulez into the headlines in the 1960s. As a composer, conductor and astute cultural politician he has left his mark on our time. Without Boulez there would be no Ensemble Intercontemporain, certainly no Cité de la Musique and probably no Philharmonie de Paris. He revolutionized programming by systematically including contemporary work and made state of the art recordings, in particular of the 2nd Viennese School. Performance clips of his own music and exemplary readings of Bruckner, Mahler, Mozart and Stravinsky together with interviews over more than forty years give us a good picture of this rather enigmatic personality. Luckily his younger brother volunteered to speak about the Boulez family while Daniel Barenboim, a close friend, recalls major moments in the life of Pierre Boulez.