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TITLE: Bill Viola - The Road to St Paul's
Director: Gerald Fox

Genre: Art Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Foxy Films

Runtime: 52' or 82' minutes.

ID: 367.




Bill Viola is most likely the best known and most popular video artist of our time. Indeed, as Nicholas Serota reminds us, his work is equal or replaces the paintings of an earlier age. Filmmaker Gerald Fox is delivering here the most intimate look at an artist and his way of creating. Viola was commissioned in 2004 by St. Paul´s Cathedral in London two permanent installations: “Mary” and “Martyrs”. John Moses, the Dean of St. Paul´s commented: “For a painting you stop 15 seconds and move on, Bill´s work is a contemporary idiom which asks you to stop and engage with it”. We travel with Bill´s team to Ojai, California, where filming for “Mary” took place, to Los Angeles for the “Martyrs” and finally Signal Hill, where in his studio the painstaking work of editing took place. Gerald Fox provides ample cross references in showing related work from 1919 to 2014. When the installations were finally put into place, the artist and the onlookers were overwhelmed by the power of the moving images.