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TITLE: Caravaggio - From Darkness into Light - out on DVD in Germany
Director: Jean-Michel Meurice

Genre: Art Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Absolut Medien

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 363.




Absolut Medien have released Jean-Michel Meurice's documentary on Caravaggio, which sheds new light on the life and work of the painter (1571-1610). We still know very little about "the first modern artist", Michelangelo Merisi from the Lombardian village Caravaggio. At the age of 20 he moved to Rome where he sooned gained a reputation painting for influentual patrons. After accidentally killing somebody in a brawl he was on the run. He fled to Naples and later Malta and Sicily. Soon after his death the painter fell into oblivion. Mediocre works were attributed to him and most of his masterpieces disappeared in private collections or were attributed to others as Caravaggio only signed one painting in his entire career. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the painter was recognized as one of the greatest of all times. In the meantime 50 works have really been identified as his own, but even today a Caravaggio might turn up somewhere such as The Taking of Christ which came to light in Ireland in 1993.

Filmmaker and painter Jean-Michel Meurice invites us to look at 30 works in situ with a painter's eye, presents most of the remaining ones with high resolution slides, takes us to the most important places where Caravaggio worked and lets some experts have their say.