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TITLE: Meaningful Songs
Director: Gisela Levin, Cecilia Aguero

Genre: Music documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Mercedes Sosa, Aramndo Tejada Gomez etc.

Company: elGenerador

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 357.




We all know about colourful folklore from Latin America but few know about the life stories of Mercedes Sosa or Armando Tejada Gomez, two of the founding members of the „Nuevo Cançionero”, a movement for “meaningful songs” in the Argentinian atmosphere of increasing oppression. Mercedes Sosa, also called “La Negra” made it quite clear what she and her followers meant by “meaningful songs”: “We do not protest, we denounce”. The military junta was quick to ban songs and forcing artists into exile. “La Negra” courageously decided to stay, but it was getting more and more difficult to perform anywhere. At a concert in La Plata in 1979 she was searched and arrested on stage along with all those attending the concert. Filmmaker Gisela Levin and Cecilia Aguero succeeded in uniting surviving artists to paint a picture of those times and showing how this movement spread to other Latin American countries including Cuba, where it inspired the “Nueva Trova”. We get acquainted with plenty of wonderful music including a very touching homage by Mercedes Sosa to Violeta Parra from Chile.