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TITLE: Trent Parke: The Black Rose
Director: Catherine Hunter

Genre: Art Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Catherine Hunter Films

Runtime: 28' minutes.

ID: 354.




Trent Parke was borne in 1971 and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales. Using his mother´s Pentax Spotmatic and the family laundry as darkroom, he began taking pictures when he was about 12 years old. Today, Parke, the only Australian photographer to be represented by Magnum, works primarily as a street photographer. He has won numerous national and international awards including four World Press Photo Awards. His “Minutes to Midnight”, a collection of photographs from travelling some 90 000 kilometers around the country, offers a sometimes disturbing portrait of 21st century Australia. Catherine Hunter´s film captures the spirit of “Minutes to Midnight” but also lets the photographer narrate his latest project “The Black Rose” which serves to structure her documentary. Contributors include Narelle Autio, artist and Trent´s partner, Richard Park, his father, and Tyran and Grant Parke, his brothers.