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TITLE: Sydney Nolan: Mask and Memory
Director: Catherine Hunter

Genre: Art Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Catherine Hunter Films

Runtime: app. 54' minutes.

ID: 353.




This is a painter who, according to the Times, “added Australian colour to British art”. Born in 1917 of Irish parents in Melbourne during the Great Depression in Australia, he was almost self-taught, studying design at college in Melbourne and sporadically attending night classes at art college. Having achieved some popularity with his series of paintings on the Australian outlaw and folk hero Ned Kelly, Nolan travelled the world and settled in England in 1954, where he later bought The Rodd, a 17th century Manor House near the Welsh border. Catherine Hunter´s documentary explores the rich personal history behind the art of this famous and enigmatic figure. This includes his earlier marriages and love affairs as well as his travelling and experimentation which never changed Nolan´s essentially Australian manner as a painter. This documentary was originally produced for the ABC in 2008 and is being updated for this year´s centennial festivities giving the film a little more Britishness. It will be ready for broadcast by summer 2017.