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TITLE: Hollywood Spies
Director: Clara & Julia Kuperberg

Genre: Documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Craig Dettweiler, Deborah Plisko, Jonna Mendez, Tony Maietta

Company: Wichita Films

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 352.




Spymasters throughout the 20th century, and particularly during times of conflict, thought it advantageous to enlist the services of celebrities who had high level and powerful admirers in various industries, many with easy access to politicians and high ranking government officials. Cary Grant spied on Errol Flynn, who apparently had Nazi leanings, Greta Garbo, almost singlehandedly, saved most of the Jewish population of Denmark, while Marlene Dietrich entertained troupes at the front line and Hedy Lamarr brought technical knowledge to the US she had gleaned from dinner conversations with German generals. The OSS, precursor of the CIA, even engaged gangster “Lucky” Luciano in counter-espionage and later in protecting General Patton´s troops during the Sicilian operations. Film clips from “Confessions of a Nazi Spy” to “Notorious” and “Mata Hari” to “Ninotchka” give us an idea how intelligence services operated.