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TITLE: Escaping the Temple (Tea, Zen, Dance)
Director: Patrick Carr

Genre: Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Mandarin Films

Runtime: 55 minutes.

ID: 344.




This documentary will take the audience on a search for meaning in modern China, guided by our joyful and charismatic main character Zhao Liang, one of the foremost choreographers of modern dance in China today. We follow the evolution of his new work “Escape from the Temple” with which he hopes for a break through on the international scene. But amidst public ambivalence, artistic feuds, greedy investors and international financial meltdown Zhao faces an uphill struggle to turn his work into reality. He must also confront the nagging doubts about what he should do with his life, having already turned 36: go on to create or turn inward to the path of the enlightened Zen practitioner? We experience the première of the new work, no mean feat under the circumstances. And Patrick Carr thought it worthwhile to record the dance piece in full while Zhao remains undecided about his future.