Poorhouse International: Catalogue results

TITLE: Hollywood Gossip
Director: Clara & Julia Kuperberg

Genre: Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Poorhouse International Ltd.

Runtime: 53 minutes.

ID: 339.




As the recently released movie „Trumbo“ amply proves, columnists like Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper made or broke Hollywood talent and shamelessly exploited their power. Clara and Julia Kuperberg have dug up wonderful footage which does show both of these gossip mongers in action. Their power was such that Louella Parsons more or less singlehandedly destroyed Orson Welles´ masterpiece “Citizen Kane” while Hedda Hopper was instrumental in making Charlie Chaplin leave for Europe. Even more vicious was Robert Harrison whose magazine Confidential ruthlessly exposed secrets of the stars. Clara and Julia Kuperberg´s most important witness was Samuel Bernstein, the author of “Mr. Confidential”, who made his personal archive available. Other contributors were Cari Beauchamp, very familiar with Hopper and Parsons, and film historian Tony Maietta. Unknown archive footage of both Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper and clips of “My Favourite Wife”, “Hollywood Hotel” and “Sunset Boulevard” make the players of this Hollywood era come alive.