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TITLE: October 1917
Director: Paul Jenkins

Genre: Documentary

Format: Digi Beta 16:9


Contributors: interviewees: Anatoly Kuzmin, Dmitry Bykov, Marc Ferro, Elena Pereslegina, Jana Howlett, Sergei Pereslegin

Company: Films du Bouloi

Runtime: 2 x 52 or 90 minutes.

ID: 128.




Produced in 2007 for ARTE this two-parter on the Russian Revolution has been licensed again for broadcast and DVD release in several territories to celebrate the Centennary. Director Paul Jenkins unearthed new evidence to show involvement of members of the Aristocracy and the Tsarist Army in a coup that shook the world. He also interestingly found out that most artists did not promote the revolution but jumped the band wagon once Lenin was suceeding...